Friday, August 13, 2010

52 Challenge ~ Very Bad Laura

So I am epically failing with the 52 weeks challenge I set myself some months ago, along with blogging, housework, exercise and many other things. My friend sent me a link the other day for an online class designed to boost creativity, which in theory sounds fabulous. However I have to move house sometime in the next 2 months so I am doubting I would get my moneys worth from it, given that life is going to get hectic in the near and not distant future. Hmmmmmm.............................. do I hear the sound of excuses being formed? Big fat, juicy excuses? Yes I think I do! The jury is still out as too whether I will sign up, I'll keep you posted.

In saying that I did have a spurt of creativity in the last week or so, and then ran out of supplies, and have not had time to get me some more! Eeeeps! So drum roll please.........................

I made one for myself first, it is so super pretty, after wearing it for a few days I decided that they were a fabulous idea and made one more, and then ran out of glass........*insert sad face here*. These are on longish chains, the copper one not so much, coz I didn't have much chain, but it's cute anyway.

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