Sunday, October 17, 2010

Part 3 of Creative and Bullet-Proof

Take Inventory of my Creative Space ~ I've just moved house, perfect time for inventory and divesting myself of things I do not need or use. This is where my creative space stands right now. Will post pics once it's all sorted.

And visually documenting my top 5 tools used to create.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

52 Challenge ~ Halt! I've moved house!

Everything creative has recently come to a grinding halt around here. I moved house. It was very stressful, even though I have moved house approximately 20 times before, it was very stressful. And disruptive. And wonderful. My new place to live is awesome! So much more space. And a park across the road....bliss. So before and after the hideous move I have been creating bits and pieces of wonderful. A cake, a life drawing night, an online creativity and bullet-proof attitude class. I really want to make some jewelry. I am awesome and I can do it.
Marley's Birthday Cake ~ Big huge thanks goes to Miss K for the inspiration, teamwork and lend of her huge kitchen bench.

A selection of the drawings I did at the life drawing night "Dr Sktechy's Anti-Art School"

Part 1 of the online class "Nurture Your Creativity and Develop a Bullet-Proof Positive Attitude" - defining what creativity means to me, creating 3 different mini-posters of it and placing them in spots around my house.
Part 2 of the course - identifying "bullets" saying goodbye and making some positive statements about myself and my creativity.