Friday, December 10, 2010

Wow - a long time between posts!!!

October 17, nearly 2 months has passed since that date and I really have very little to show for it. Motivation and creativity have been at an all time low mostly due to being so busy I could cry! The ramp up to the silly season has been pretty ridonkulus for me this year and it doesn't look to be abating anytime soon! There have been some false starts to creation along the way though, and some small moments of joy, which is what sustains me through the quagmire. I'll give you an update on my creative space and a peek at the new thing that gives me joy every day. My vegetable garden. I heart watching things grow and these bad boys have grown from seed. Seed saved by a dear friend and passed to me in a moment of trust and generosity. Planted by another dear friend, in a moment of trust and generosity. I am so grateful for both these friends for the kick start to something wonderful.
 A false start, tangled thread, wrong supplies, not enough patience. Back to this later.
 My desk, yes I work on this. A travesty I know.
 I put things on the shelves! In reality, these shelves are incredibly ineffective and annoying.
Vege garden 5/12/10
Vege garden 10/12/10