Sunday, July 25, 2010

Double Post Up ~ 52 Challenge and Sweet Style

So I've been a bit slack with the creativity challenge. I'll put my hand up for that. I was given a Blythe Doll for my birthday by my wonderful girlfriends and I was inspired to make her some new clothes. The first pic is her (now called Luna) straight out of the box. And the second is her in a new stylin dress and earrings I made for her. I went on an Etsy retail therapy binge this week and bought her heaps of new clothes and shoes. Stay tuned for more Blythe goodness.
My super cool Aunty is here and we went out for dinner and a few drinks last night. I was instructed to put my party gear on, after a few costume changes, this was my choice.

Long sleeve top - Target
Cardi - Jay Jay's
Skirt - Burlesque Baby
Shoes - Burlesque Baby
Tights - Supermarket
Earrings - Dangerfield

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