Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 5 - A Little Alice Crazy

Here we are in Week 5 and I'm going strong. I managed to squeeze in some creative in between work and a beachy weekender! I took my little man to see Sculptures by the Sea. It was a delightful outing, wandering along the beach, veiwing the amazing sculptures, followed by fish and chips on the grass.
I'm going so well this week in fact, I have not one but two creations to show you!
The first is an Alice in Wonderland inspired piece. I made the pendant using a pendant base I got in goodie bag from ArtChix. I adhered Alice Images on both sides using Diamond Glaze, my favourite multipurpose adhesive/glaze. This is for me so I wanted it long. It sits just under bust. I gathered up some Alice related charms and voila! Here it is!
 The second is another necklace. I have had these bamboo tile components hanging aound for some time. I purchased them from Wishware Beads. I originally wanted to use the pendant horizontally, making a double strand necklace, but as I got closer to the end I realised that it just was not going to sit right! Very frustrating! So I unpulled it all and began again. I am quite happy with the end result. It features two handmade lampwork beads by my friends mum, czech glass beads and bamboo tile pendant.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 4 - Home Decor

Wow, a month of creating already!
I recently moved house and have become stuck with some pretty average furniture. It's functional, but not as stylin' as I'd like it to be. The bane of my furniture existance is my TV unit, it's a cheap flat pack I bought from a friend, back in the days when the TV was sitting on a tiny table, or maybe a milk crate (I can't remember)
So here it is in all it's cheap flat pack glory. I thought that by covering some of the surfaces in decorative paper that it may look a little more stylin'. But what kind of paper? I thought at first scrapbooking paper, but then I would need sheets and sheets of it. Japanese paper would be too expensive. Wallpaper too costly and the pattern might be too big to really see it. What to do?
And then the other day I was driving down Oxford St, Leederville and I saw Lala Design. They had 2m rolls of divine good quality wrapping paper for $6.50. The perfect option. It is thick enough not to rip and cheap enough to change when I want to! I chose this pattern...
And away I went! I used Modge Podge to adhere the paper to the side of the TV cabinet, so I can soak it off if I get sick of it! I plan to cover the small shelves too eventually.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 3 - Paris is in the house

Ok so I've notice my posts are getting a little slack, timing wise, so I will try to pull out the proverbial and post on the same day every week :) I promise!
So I had a request for a Paris themed glass tile pendant. I had made a few previously and they were a hit. A serendipitous trip to Etsy provided new Paris fodder! Piddix has a delightful range of digital collage sheets to choose from. The story of how I stumbled across them is quite convoluted! Let's not go into it, let us just look at the pretties I created for this week!

I'll give you  a peek at the back, I've tried something new with these ones and am super happy with the result! More of these to come, and they will be the first things into my new Etsy shop I am setting up this weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 2 - getting back into the flow

Ok, so I', a little behind with the post for week 2. I went to edit the photos I took of my creation for this week and realised that my trail versoin of Office had expired! Eeep!
I recently ordered some new goodies from ArtChix. In this lot of goodies I ordered the Art Blast Playing Cards, which are just divine! I let my son (3.5 years) pick out a card from each suit and away I went making pretties! These are the cards which my son chose.

Below is the result of my mini challenge. As you can see I have incorporated aspects of all the cards in this decorated envelope. It is a bit of a stilted effort, it has been so hot here, almost too hot to concentrate!