Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 9 - The Big Reveal

So my swap partner has her bracelet. I can finally show what I have been working on. The challenge was to make a bracelet using seed beads and the theme was inspired by art. I knew my swap partner liked  green but had no other information apart from wrist size. I was looking through my art book and found this, one of my favourite paintings.
Then the inspiration hit. The painting is called L'Absinthe. Perfect. Green. Green Fairy. This is the bracelet born of this.

Each wing is constructed from odd-count peyte stitch, then joined together. The centre is a Swarovski rivoli crystal, captured in seed beads and embellished with more Swarovski crystals. The clasp is a 12mm Swarovski round, and is just divine. I could imagine a whole necklace made of these. Here is another photo on a different angle.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 8 - All caught up now :)

So I skipped a week in there! Bad Laura. But I have finished my swap piece for the Beading Forum seed bead bracelet challenge. I can't show it yet. As soon as my swap partner has it I'll show you. It's pretty special.
So I am going to send the bracelet to my swap partner tomorrow and I thought that I would add something extra. I am participating in the Art Swap - Tags run by Helga @ ArtChix. I have my required collage sheets and some manilla tags ready to go. This is my warm up piece, to include with my bracelet. I am really happy with how this turned out and am really looking forward to making many, many more of these.
I watercoloured the front, once it was dry I stamped the front and selected a few images from various ArtChix collage sheets. I wanted to do something with the back so ripped some scraps of pretty paper and collaged away. I then went around the edges with a gel pen. Super cute and so easy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 7 - A little something for a lovley lady

Tonight I am heading to my favourite Japanese restaurant for a special friends birthday dinner. I have purchased a present but needed a card to go with it. Her favourite colour is blue so my mind immediately went to the twinchies I had made way back in Week 1. I folded some watercolour paper and cut some textured cardstock. I played around with the arrangement and voila! A cute card done!
But that wasn't enough! It needed more! I hand stamped the inside and stamped a birthday message also. All freehand. I love it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 6 - A little behind

Ok, so I'm behind with my posts. Laziness and an attack from the black dog have taken over in the last two weeks. I have however been quietly working away on a project for a swap on the Beading Forum. I will post this once my swap partner has received it. The piece will be super special and I hope my swap partner likes it. I have challenged myself with a few new techniques and refined some others with new variations.
So there has been more glass tile madness afoot. I made a whole bunch and forgot to photo them before posting them off to their new owners - doh! But first I want to show you what else I have been playing with.

I purchased some of these pendant dishes from Beads Online. I don't have any resin, hmmmm, maybe Triple Thick Glaze will work? It says brush on?!? Hmmm, lets just dollop some in there and see what happens! It works, ok add a key charm to the next layer. It works, lets add some more layers! It works! you can see the glaze has reacted to the coating on the key charm and the copper has leached into the glaze surrounding it. *insert pout face here* I can see a resin purchase in the near future!These are fun to play with and the possibilites are endless! Stay tuned more disorganised creativness...