Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 15 - 3 weeks late

So I have been super slack and as such I have been not creating or blogging! In the last 3 weeks I have only created one thing! and my creative space is an absolute mess! But I woke up this morning with renewed motivation and a true desire to get back on the creative bandwagon. I have heaps of inspiration going on not only with jewelry making but also crafting and fashion. Stay tuned for more exciting things borne from hours on the interwebs!
Here is my only creative effort for the last 3 weeks.
A few years ago, I commissioned my friend's Mum to make me some lampworked pink hearts. I had the intention of making a chunky bracelet. So in my lampy stash they sat, occasionally being fondled and often being dreamt of. I recently turned 30 and wanted something "statement" to wear to my party. I raided my stash and pulled a few elements together, and this was the result. I love it very much, it's quite tactile and makes noise when I move (which I love, I'm weird I know). The mixed metals things is borne out of dwindling findings supplies rather than true design, but I like the effect.

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