Thursday, January 26, 2012

30 Loaves - Loaf 1 - Buttermilk Bread

Since the acquisition of my Thermomix, I have wanted to bake some bread. The basic recipe book comes with a few recipes to get you started and I looked there for inspiration. I chose buttermilk bread as I liked the sound of it. I trekked to the supermarket on a Sunday, picked up the ingredients I needed and headed home, gung ho to get my bake on. Hurdle....the bottle of buttermilk had mould under the lid, it was still in date fresh, but there was no mistaking that mould...gross. Back to the supermarket, chose another, opened and mould again. Grrr. At the suggestion of the customer service assistant at the front desk I chose the alternate brand of buttermilk, success!
Home, gung ho to get my bake on.
The bread was delicious. Spongy and dense, kinda like sourdough but a little different.
I really do need to get an oven thermometer and test my oven as I feel it runs a little hot.

Would I bake this loaf again?
A resounding YES!
Note: I would put it in a tin I think rather than "free" baking it

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