Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 4 - Home Decor

Wow, a month of creating already!
I recently moved house and have become stuck with some pretty average furniture. It's functional, but not as stylin' as I'd like it to be. The bane of my furniture existance is my TV unit, it's a cheap flat pack I bought from a friend, back in the days when the TV was sitting on a tiny table, or maybe a milk crate (I can't remember)
So here it is in all it's cheap flat pack glory. I thought that by covering some of the surfaces in decorative paper that it may look a little more stylin'. But what kind of paper? I thought at first scrapbooking paper, but then I would need sheets and sheets of it. Japanese paper would be too expensive. Wallpaper too costly and the pattern might be too big to really see it. What to do?
And then the other day I was driving down Oxford St, Leederville and I saw Lala Design. They had 2m rolls of divine good quality wrapping paper for $6.50. The perfect option. It is thick enough not to rip and cheap enough to change when I want to! I chose this pattern...
And away I went! I used Modge Podge to adhere the paper to the side of the TV cabinet, so I can soak it off if I get sick of it! I plan to cover the small shelves too eventually.

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