Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 3 - Paris is in the house

Ok so I've notice my posts are getting a little slack, timing wise, so I will try to pull out the proverbial and post on the same day every week :) I promise!
So I had a request for a Paris themed glass tile pendant. I had made a few previously and they were a hit. A serendipitous trip to Etsy provided new Paris fodder! Piddix has a delightful range of digital collage sheets to choose from. The story of how I stumbled across them is quite convoluted! Let's not go into it, let us just look at the pretties I created for this week!

I'll give you  a peek at the back, I've tried something new with these ones and am super happy with the result! More of these to come, and they will be the first things into my new Etsy shop I am setting up this weekend!

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